Bruce and Elly do the Danube, Vienna and lots of vaseline!

London to Vienna to Passau, Saturday 30 June

Photo from train?

Random Bozo!

Elly's en route.

inner-tube vending machine in Passau.
We saw a number of these en route.
Fortunately, our bikes had Schwalbe
'marathon plus'
tyres, so we had no

Passau high street

passau buses

passau buses

Elly at evening meal

View from hotel dining-terrace

Hotel details: IBB Hotel Passau, Bahnhofstrasse 24, 94032, Passau, Deutschland

And so the bollocks starts with buses to the terminal running late due to 'an incident at the terminal'.

boarding our 09:15 flight might begin soon...

Posting this from hotel Revita, St Agatha, Austria:

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