Bruce and Elly do the Danube, Vienna and lots of vaseline!

Edinburgh to London, Friday 29 June

What part of 'no photos today'
don't you understand?

On the bus to Edinburgh airport.Elly slightly nervous, Bruce empty in head and tum.

More updates as and when...

Bollocks! Our 19:40 flight to Heathrow is delayed until 23:00 because the plane is stuck in Manchester. Our flight from Heathrow to Vienna is at  09:15 tomorrow so we're not going to get much sleep. A good start for a cycling holiday. 

Plane took off about 22:50, so we landed in Heathrow about 23:50. Baggage collection was relatively painless but then we found buses to our hotel (terminal 5 Hilton) had finished for the night. The taxi queue moved very slowly: there seemed to be a lot of haggling going on for each set of passengers. We found out why when told our hotel was out of the taxi drivers' area: they wanted to charge £35. In the end we accepted this but had I been on my own I'd have walked rather than pay £6 per mile!

It's now 01:38 and we have to get up at 06:15. Bollocks on a shitty stick. 

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