Random Bozo and Random Bozette do central Europe!

Praha to České Budějovice (19 July)

how a train toilet works!

Fidel and Lev Davidovitch

rolling Czech countryside

Horní Borek, batman!

We didn't...

the local safely home?

downhill cobbles near Sudomerice


Eiskaffee and flapjacks!

in Tabor

Tabor's main square

in Tabor

in Tabor

fancy gable

in Tabor

in Tabor

in České Budejovice

Planned route: Praha to České Budějovice
Planned distance: 0 miles by bike
Planned cumulative distance: 257 miles

Actual route:
   1. train from Praha to Olbramovice
   2. cycle from Olbramovice to Tábor
   3. train from Tabor to České Budějovice
Actual distance: 30 miles by bike
Actual cumulative distance: about 269 miles

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