Random Bozo and Random Bozette do central Europe!

Děčín to Praha (18 July)

Děčín synagogue
just along from Hotel Andy

in Děčín synagogue

floor tiles

Random Bozo and Vladimir

Vladímir with his medals
Vladímir throwing javelin

see blurb

view over Děčín

Děčín panorama part 1

Děčín panorama part 2

Děčín panorama part 3

central Dresden

a train that never forgets?

Random Bozo wearing a buff

Random Bozo not wearing a buff
- helmet-hair!

there's no escape!

Czech Republic treasury

Planned route: Ústí nad Labem to Praha
Planned distance: 59 miles (according to Google maps)
Planned cumulative distance: 257 miles

Actual distance: 0 miles by bike
Actual cumulative distance: about 239 miles

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The caption for the photo of Vladimir is, as far as I can make out
Josef Císařovský exhibiting with us
Josef Císařovský, painter, historian and theoretician of art embellish the excellent Podmokelská synagogue. Pictured at the opening on 14 April with Vladímir Poskočil, chairman of the Děčín jewish community

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