Bruce and Elly do the Danube, Vienna and lots of vaseline!

Wien: Vienna to London to Edinburgh! Thursday 12 July



Schnellbahn Fahrschein


Not much to say about today:

  • a last viennese breakfast
  • packing
  • coffee and cake-buying in the nearby Aïda
  • U-bahn to Wien Mitte-Landstraße
  • S-bahn to Schwechat (airport) - our tickets cost only €2 for the extra bit from the edge of Vienna city to the actual airport, because we had 72-hour tickets for all of Vienna's public transport.
  • buying sausage and bread
  • a last Gösser bier and Mineralwasser mit Kohlensauer (Guess who had which!)
  • flight to Heathrow terminal 1
  • Heathrow depress to terminal 5
  • sit around for 4 hours because we'd booked a late flight in case of delays
  • flight to Edinburgh
  • taxi to Servants' Quarters
  • So now we're back in cold, rainy Scotland and I'm back to dodging traffic, puddles and pot-holes on Lev, rather than gliding along smooth cycle-paths on Curt in the sunshine…

    Finally because I'm like that (and because Scotland's weather is crap) here's some bits about Austrian (and German) toilets:

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