Bruce and Elly do the Danube, Vienna and lots of vaseline!

Traismauer to Wien, Friday 6 July

Kraftwerk near Traismauer

I really like Austrian wood-piles.

I really like Austrian wood-piles.

Country roads, take me home...

wobbly camera

translation needed

in Tulln?

no idea about these statues...

kein Ahnung!

floating stage

why the Donau needs its dykes

country houses

better than Edinburgh roads

Kraftwerk Greifenstein


more water



listen to the commentary

country road

approaching Korneuberg

Elly was cool.


coffee and beer




Pisshaus - interior

Pisshaus - exterior

Most places provided

crossing to Donauinsel

on Donauinsel

on Donauinsel

More not-understood statues.

still no idea

UN city. It's ugly!

dig the sticker

hotel-door sign


Elly did it!

So did Random Bozo.

Gillian and Victoria



integrated transport!

Hotel details: Austria Trend Hotel Donauzentrum, Wagramerstrasse 83-85, 1220 Wien, Österrerich

Distance cycled: 45 miles (cumulative total: 231 miles)

Today's map is again in two bits, this time because cyclemeter auto-finished recording while we were stopped for lunch. Perhaps it only allows quick toilet-stops. Anywhere, here are the bits:

So we did it! 231 miles in 6 days. OK, not much distance by some standards (Alasdair M springs to mind) and definitely no Scottish-style hills and acne-textured road surfaces but lots of intense sun and a fair amount of headwind (especially today) so I think we can feel reasonably proud. I would advise anyone doing this sort of thing to take their own saddle and a good supply of vaseline (also called 'Vaseline' in German).

So what happened today?

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