Random Bozo and Random Bozette do central Europe!

Wien to Bratislava (24 July)

Vienna - Bratislava hydrofoil

all aboard!

another Danube-crossing

mozzie-ridden sandy path:
not fun

en route again

village church

memorials close-up

the easy way to travel

model of Carnuntum's

The real thing

epitaph 1

epitaph 2

Roman thunderbox

Bratislava's that way!

approaching border-crossing

wicked games in Bratislava

the original on YouTube

Bratislavan square

Random Bozo wants
one of these.

statue in trees

strolling through Bratislava

strolling through Bratislava


At Bratislava station

Planned route: none
Planned distance: 0 miles
Planned cumulative distance: 454 miles

Actual route: Vienna to Bratislava
Actual distance: about 40 miles
Actual cumulative distance: about 529 miles

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