March 2008

Edinburgh preregrinations

Worship them monkeys!

Cambo: snowdrops and pigs in Fife

grunt 1

grunt 2 (movie)

grunt 3 (movie)

grunt 4 - close-up

grunt 5

grunt 6

grunt 7

fascinating bark patterns 1

fascinating bark patterns 2

silhouettes and statues

More like an avalanche! 1

More like an avalanche! 2

lots of snowdrops


more snowdrops


I loved the way the water fell.

falling water (movie)

beautiful bark

I wasn't the only one
to be captivated by the bark.





psilocybin set in stone(d)?

cheeky statue.

For my birthday, Elly got me a trip in a microlight


kitting up


waiting for take-off

getting nervous

getting even more nervous

Alan & Richard's leaving do

Bruce & Elly

Bruce & Sarah

greek dancing

I have no idea

Bruce au naturel

who's the daddy?

Random Bozo dancing (movie)

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