another of the St Andrews crowd reaches their 5th decade

our hotel (movie)

  our hotel
  Party! (movie)
  Bruce! (movie)
  Mark & Angie (movie)
  Mark & Angie
  No–one feels like dancing (movie)
  Adam can boogie
  more dancing (movie)

Bruce's camera was tripping

  The women! (movie)
  The women again (movie)
  Angie's dad and Joan
  Bruce has no idea who took this.
  Angie, Elly and Bruce
  kneeling before my lady
  Elly and Bruce
  An elongated peanut, Elly and Bruce
  Angies' dad and Joan caught 'Happy Birthday disease from Bruce.
  Elly (movie)
  Adam's flaked!
  Ben and Mark
  Ben and Mark
  Who are these people?
  Alyssa hides from the camera ...
  ... but not forever.
  Conga! (movie)
  Draping the princess of the SCS
  Angie with a drink
  The drink hits
  Angie and friends