Asia 2006: Random Bozo goes east

India again

None of this would have been possible without the help of many people both in the UK and abroad. Thanks to the Leckie crew for a fab send-off, to Elly for wonderfulness far above and beyond the call of duty, to Lynne for reminding me how to be human, to Suriya for introducing me to village India's strangeness, to Ajeesh for showing me how to love a whole community, to Dita, Icha and Ridha for their royalty, to Nova for the uka-uka hantu, to Craig for the camera, to my parents for putting up with my madness for over 40 years and above all to the people who welcomed Random Bozo into their lives and homes.

By the way, this site uses God's own font: GillSans. If you don't like the way this site renders on your PC then get a Macintosh, install GillSans and use Safari as God and Steve Jobs have told you to.

Some of the movies on this site are over 8MB. All links to movies will include (movie) in their captions.

I assumed I would be able to find software to rotate entire movies by 90° and so took quite a few movies with my camera on its end to make the most of the aspect ratio. I was wrong about the availability of this software. So you may need to rotate your monitor through 90° to optimise your viewing pleasure. I recommend use of an iBook or PowerBook for this purpose.