24th to 30th May

My love token for Julia
(24 May)

  Julia's vegan pizza creation
  At the Lade Braes stream
(26 May)
  Julia went walkabout in Edinburgh while I attended
a reception for the SQA.
(27 May)
  Jane Ann was in Jenny King's dance academy stageshow.


31 May – visiting Askaban in Edinburgh

In the Elephant House?

  I think I'm destined never to see Dynamic Earth
  First in the queue for Harry Potter

1st and 2nd June June– Pitlochry

We went ot Pitlochry to see some "traditional Scotland". We were going to camp but it was pissing down so we stayed in the 'MacBackpackers' hostel.

It's not raining!
(Ist June)
  at kiddies playground in Pitlochry
(2 June)

5 June – Julia meets Daisy

5 June: Lily and Daisy think Julia is my "mum"
  Lily, Julia and Daisy

Random Assortment

I'm not sure quite when these phots were taken - the're in a folder labeled 'smeg'. (Somehow the camera's datestamp wasn't working)

I think these were taken at the 'Jurassic Park' in KInburn Park.
  Monumenton to Baden-Pwell
  Julia loves plants
  Paul and Sandra of PDQ visited to discuss the forthcoming Past Papers project.
  We spent quite a lot of time walking up and down the Lade Braes, playing on the children's park and playing tennis.
  I'm so fat!

Despite an abysmal last night, I cried my arse off again as Julia's plane trundled out of site and then jumped into the sky. What the hell is it all about?

Oh well, photos of normal life start again here.