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Rachel (no longer censored)

  I'm back to tech support
  Snow in February
  I think this might be Peter and Kat's dog
  Peter (no longer censored)
  Peter (no longer censored)
  I loaned Peter my camera to take some pics for an L & L book.
  Cheryl and Lily, just before Adriani and the girls went to Indonesia
  Lily and Adriani

These were taken with the newly acquired Apple QuickTake 150 - I bought this and a laptop for a crate of beer!





  Disco Diva? It's a disco deviant!



JJ probably wouldn't want you to see this picture of her!

    or this one
  Amber stealing a soul
  Call me Yu-gi-uh


Liz the minister, Jane Ann, Lisa, Gavin and Marianne

  Marianne now works for Aeroflot!


Nic's a year older

  Pete's calendar


Baz, Em and Will kinapped me , fed me and got me totally pissed that evening. The photos are mostly from the next morning.

Sticky non-–vegan yumminess

  Alan's not a gollum!
  John's bashful
  Sarah's arty
  Pete's scary
  Stan standing up
  abandoned baby!

Pictures taken with the digital camera JJ gave me

David's out of focus because he's pissed!

  Jayne's not
  but Bruce is


  Stan is 6 months!

Celia (tempararily censored)





first, draw the appropriate crate, and end circles


looking something like rods with wire wrapped around them



visiting Elly chez her


A sculpture in the Kingdom shopping centre in Glenrothes


  and another
    Meeting up with Elly on Friday 26th March - lots of chat and Starsky and Hutch
  and me looking wierd!
    and Elly's funky new coat

mum and sue in character for an L&L publication!
-— younger folk helping older folk



  Ian finally got his "Seegars" from Julia's aunt
  and Jenni got her chocs
  the tribe
  the tribe encore
  Ian's easter present from Jenni
  The gruesome twosome

I've been a bit lax in putting up photos since then. It's the beginning of August 2004 and the following pictures date from March and April...

Anne Eastgate left Granada Learning to head up the BBC's digital learning effort.




Where the hell is Modern Studies!

(Everything was suffering delay upon delay!)


I was sent on a course in London: chance to make a pilgrimage to Battersea Power Station and then visit home for the Scouts St George's day Parade (25th April)

On the way, my first visit to the Edinburgh Office.


First sight of it...

  Getting nearer!
  This was as close as I could get.
  My hotel - the Windmill on Clapham Common

St George's day parade - 5th Worcester Cub and Beaver Scouts

  I took this so I could draw a Filing Cabinet for the Modern Studies book. I have no idea why this picture is mixed up with the other April pictures!
  I appear to have cleaned the flat!I suppose it was in preparation for Julia visiting.
  Dinner at Jenni's new flat.


The following pics are dated 17th April and portray Bob's birthday and one of the two times we had to send the server to Chiswick to get fixed.

And all because GL tech support are too poxy to come to Scotland.


.Happy birthday to Bob!

  Sarah passed her PRINCE2 course.
(Pic dated 18 May)
  The Nigel Ward roadshore visited, so we go fed!
(Pic dated 19 May)

Julia visited in early summer. Here's the pictures...