The wedding of the year

It started well - Andi's car to the church broke down and put Scott in a right state!

coming down the aisle
  It's done
  Mrs Collington!


The reception celidh of the year

  The first waltz
  and the bride is boozing up already!
  Sarah & Big Ron follow the lead...
  flowers for the proud mums
  The groom's older brother
  Fudge donut wedding cake!
  and the father of the groom (who married Andi and Scott)
dances with the flower girl
  no idea why I took this photo
  Why do I look like I've just shat myself?
  Who's next?
  She is!
  But is her boyfriend pleased? The minister looks happy about it.
  Eightsome reel with Bob, Fiona, Sarah, Ron, Ramona and two of the Kirriemuir mob
  Just who is the letch in the background?
  Bob and Fiona?
  and a speech from the groom's big brother