February has been frosty so far and the geographical distance between Julia and I is making itself felt in most of my waking moments. Anxiety over my visa application is also beginning to creep in - will all the necessary documents arrive on time? (They did - only just!) Also, my brother is in Kuwait, I think, as part of the british forces either supporting the UN weapons inspectors or as part of the UK preparation to invade. In my opinion, Tony Blair is about to drag the UK into the most unpopular and un-necessary war. While I accept that Mr Hussain is an utter monster and that the people who caused over 5000 deaths in "9/11" should be caught and never let go, the two aren't connected. Mr Hussain is a despotic head of a secular state which has not yet attacked America or the UK while Mr Bin Laden is head of a murderous fundamentalist Islamic régime which has. While I can see the need to remove Mr Hussain before he kills any more Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Kurds, dissenters or people who he takes a grudge against it, war isn't the way. On 15 February, over 1 million people in London, maybe 50,000 in Glasgow and many more around the world gathered to say the same.

I woke around 6.30 and stumbled my way via taxi and train to Edinburgh to find that the train I wanted to take to Glasgow Queen Street was utterly full - we were advised to take the next train to Glasgow Central. At Central, I guessed my way to Glasgow Green while chatting to Julia who had been kept awake by some wierd and frightening phenomena outside her bedroom.

Amazing coincidence number 1 was bumping into Baz and Em amongst the huge crowd waiting to move off: buses full of drummers (one being Baz's sister-in-law), muslim groups, pacifists, SNPers, normal people. Many thanks to Baz & Em for feeding me. (Just guess who had forgotten his carefully prepared lunch.)

Amazing sight number 1 was all of St Vincent Street 2km totally full of people: at least 16,000.

Amazing coincidence number 2 was bumping into Indonesian Maggie.

After the march and rally, it was time to head back to St Andrews for some sleep. The queue at Queen Street was about half a mile long and so I was directed back to Central. Amazing coincidence number 3 was bumping into someone reading the next Kinky Friedman trilogy after the one I had.

Amazing coincidence number 4 was meeting Jane Ann at Leuchars.


These are all TV screenshots.

LIberal democrat leader supporting the anti-–war feeling in London
  More in London
  Jesse Jackson supporting the anti-war feeling in London
  Tony Blair ignoring his country's wishes
  TV coverage of Glasgow


No matter what sensible people said, the war went ahead. You all know what happened, who's to blame and the consequences... For a view that's far more coherently expressed than mine, check out the diary pages on Roy Harper's site.


Meanwhile, I was due to see Julia in California at the beginning of April. The US Embassy called me for interview right in the middle of the time I was due to fly and I'd already bought tickets: cheap(ish) so non-refundable. The Embassy also said that I couldn't refuse that interview date without endangering the whole visa process so £300 of air tickets were binned. I bought tickets for a flight that left the day after the interview date and went to London, scared that I'd fail the interview for siding with demonstrators. After a sleepless night, I staggered to the Embassy, paid £125 to have an X-ray and learn that I didn't have HIV or TB and got my K3 (non-immigrant) visa. Here's the fragment of diary I wrote...

Of course I forgot to take my camera with me and didn't have the money to turn the K3 into an immigrant visa. Maybe in August...


The 5th Worcester Sea Scouts led the St. George's day parade

Here's the programme. Just guess who did the DTP!


After I got back, I did get out and about every now and then...

  Deep Freeze's imminent release
  Stewart finally left Leckie & Leckie
  June 2003 at Fincraigs


Some quotes from the woman I love:

"I swear my brother has never stolen a cow!" (17 June 2003)

"Support the Little Donny Foundation: for the cost of a French whore you can help a boy with a terrible impediment instead of just getting syphillis." Here's the actual record of this one!


However, most of my waking moments since the beginning of May have been spent on SQA past papers and wrestling with L&L's new techie bits - wish I knew anything about managed networks!

Anyone who reads this, please send your cosmic good-luck vibes to Will in his struggle to retain his job!