Monday and Tuesday 22 and 23 April

Clothes shopping, a comedy club in Hollywood and yoga – an interesting mix and plenty of scope for misunderstanding!

Aubrey arriving
This is the car that launched a thousand bills?
Veggie World
JJ's house is hiding
Smart & Final
Nobody driving!


Chilling at and after Jamba Juice


Wednesday 24 April

Peace declared in time to get 'official' wedding photos taken at Sears. On the way, I finally got proof that the USA owns a bus!

Orange County Transport Authority  
The bead toy was the  most enjoyable part of the whole Sears experience  


Thursday 25 April

I think this was the day that we visited JJ's gran's friend, Marti, and then went on to Newport Beach. Warm sand – sigh.

Marti and JJ's gran (Lorraine)